Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing
with Jenn Prothero

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Children, Autism, ADHD and Crystal Singing Bowls.

Studies have shown that sound therapy with the crystal singing bowls has been beneficial for individuals with both Autism and ADHD

I am set up with a child friendly studio that offers flexibility in sessions for individuals or for the whole family.  

All sessions will vary in both length and modalities used.  Ask me for more information

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Autism and Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound is a prime nutrient for the brain and through the entrainment from the tones of the singing crystal bowls, the brain begins to re-pattern itself. This stimulation assists the child’s brain to have a greater degree of sensory integration. With this entrainment, you have a connection and balance between the auditory and physical functions of the body, similar to automatically tapping your foot in rhythm with a song. Crystal Sound therapy allows the brain wave pattern to automatically shift, balancing both sides of the brain and bringing the body into balance. This balance between the auditory and physical body is a fundamental prerequisite for language and learning.

With the dramatic rise in the rate of autism, healing practitioners have been reaching out to try new alternative modalities.

The three most common therapeutic modalities being light, sound and motion. The results to date are all evidential, as neuroscientists have conducted no studies as yet. Studies have been conducted by autism research groups who have found sound to be a significant therapy with positive results. The use of binaural beats, specific drumming patterns, gently modulated music, and singing crystal bowls have all show themselves to be highly effective in the treatment of autistic children.

The results from outside of the allopathic medical field are pouring in from sound therapists and parents who are using sound therapy and, in particular, crystal singing bowl music with autistic children.


Studies are showing that crystal sound therapy can significantly help with learning disabilities and assist autistic children with their concentration and school performance.

The low drone tones of the singing crystal bowls help the autistic child to connect more fully and find balance and comfort in the world. Parents have reported that when they play this album every evening and their child is able to complete homework assignments and interact without incidents. Teachers at schools for autistic children have reported that the entire class becomes calm and quiet while this album is playing. Parents who have purchased frosted singing crystal bowl sets have all remarked on how their child was drawn to specific bowls, (generally 12” or larger) and become absolutely radiant with joy while listening to or playing these bowls. Their behavior afterwards was peaceful and attentive.

Crystal sound therapy works on all levels: physical, mental, and emotional. It makes sense that it would positively impact autism by assisting the child to fully integrate into the now.


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1 hour Private Crystal Singing Bowls Session
1 hour of complete relaxation focused on your personal healing needs.  May include some reiki, and a guided meditation.  Includes all intuitive messages received during the session.      $120.00

Group Crystal Singing Bowls/Guided Meditation

Group sessions include one hour of crystal singing bowls with guided meditation focused on the chakra system.  Offered either at the healing center or at yoga studio's. This provides a great opportunity to experience the singing bowls and its benefits at a reduced rate.    $25.00 per person

Summer Pamper Yourself Session

Pamper yourself with a foot salt scrub and soak while sitting in nature and listening to the crystal singing bowls.
30 minute sessions  60.00
1 hour sessions        120.00


Adult Autism Client

Jenn came to clients house and set up the bowls for client to listen to.  Client quietly sat on the couch and got comfortable.  As the bowls began you could visibly see client beginning to relax but not falling asleep.  She was watching as Jenn was playing the bowls.  Client is typically someone who likes to move around a lot and when there are new items in her environment becomes very curious as to what they are.  Sometimes this is distracting to her and she cannot focus on anything other than these items.  However, client looked at the boxes but was more connected with the bowls and relaxing on the couch.  As the session progressed client became more and more relaxed.  And each  bowl client would react differently.  For example, when the throat chakra bowl was played client made a clearly distinctive noise.  This sound occurred every time this bowl was played.  It was almost as if she was attempting to mimic the noise the bowl was making.  It was very soothing and client seemed almost in sync with the bowls sound waves.  It was also interesting to see client pushing herself deeper into the couch cushions as the singing bowls came to end.  Jenn explained to us that this sound was known as the grounding noise.  It was a surreal experience to watch client.  I have supported client for almost 6 years and in this time I don’t believe I have witnessed the level of calm and relaxation that overcame client during this session.