Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing
with Jenn Prothero

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Quotes Hi Jenn This is a continuation of my testimonial as it wouldn't all fit in one. . I stayed at work, felt better by noon & went on with my day. During the day & evening I did not drink coffee, crave coffee, or think about coffee except to wonder if that was what had made me naseous in the morning. Saturday morning when I woke up my husband suggested that he would put a pot of coffee on & we'd take coffee out to the hot tub. This sounded good, and normal & I never thought about my reaction on Friday morning at all. After I had that 1 cup on Saturday morning I felt naseous again. I have not had any coffee since then, no cravings, no caffiene withdrawal headaches Thank you so much for adding that intention to the session. Apparently my body was ready to release that destructive habit, and it was effortless. Jane Quotes
Jane continued

Quotes Hi Jenn I want to share with you something that happened to me after the crystal bowls session last Thursday I have a wicked coffee habit, several cups per day & when I'm not drinking coffee I'm often thinking about drinking coffee. I know I need to stop or drastically reduce my consumption but I really like coffee & was hesitant to start to deal with this. I have cut back or quit in the past & the caffiene withdrawal headaches were nasty. My experience has been that caffiene withdrawal is very difficult During the Thursday night session you mentioned releasing the negative effects of caffiene, nicotone & alcohol. I heard this, absorbed it & didn't give it too much thought. After the session I stopped at Tim's, deciding to get tea, which is not all that unusual for me, I like tea as well as coffee Quotes

Quotes I wanted to let you know that I feel great this morning - very calm internally. The past several weeks have been very stressful emotionally, and last night's session was very clearing. I feel my balance is restored. I look forward to November's session! Quotes
owner Yoga on the Beach Port Stanley

Quotes We began offering Crystal Bowls Singing Meditation at our studio with Jenn Prothero a few months ago. At first we had it as a one time event, simply to test the waters and gage client feedback. The response was stellar. Almost each and every participant since, including myself who have done it about five times now, has experienced something unique and profound. Jenn has a soothing and healing tone and is consistent with her almost magical approach to the meditation. As if that wasn't enough Jenn is extremely professional to work with and just an amazing person to know, so much so that I didn't want to share her with anyone else! Fortunate is the person or establishment who hosts Jenn and her Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation. Quotes
Owner Kelani Polonesian Movements